A-1 Organics will enhance your life with humates. Our products allow you to maintain your property & protect your health.  Many of our products come from Humates, containing plant based trace minerals & much more.

  • Atalyze enzymes
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase endurance
  • Produce energy (ATP)
  • Balance cell life
  • Structure hormones
  • Control inflammation
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Repair, regenerate, and restore cells (including skin and nails)
  • Mineralize the body
  • Oxygenate the blood
  • Chelate toxic or inorganic metals and chemicals, as well as essential major and trace elements
  • Assimilate macro- and micro-elements
  • Protect against unnatural oxidation
  • Acquire electrolytes and other vital elements
  • Regulate and supercharge the immune system
  • Improve brain function (including memory)
  • Revitalize libido (desire and function)
  • Cleanse, neutralize, and remove toxins
  • Regulate the thyroid and thymus glands
  • Maintain optimum alkalinity (pH) levels and defend against cancer, diabetes, and other diseases
  • Break down complex nutrients, elements, and other substances for easier absorption or elimination
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Product Categories
  • Product Categories
  • Agricultural Crops
  • Soil Amendments for Landscapes & Lawns
  • Trace Minerals for Humans
  • Trace Minerals for Livestock Feed

Fulvika Black Premium Sports Water

Contact A1 Organics for discount wholesale pricing. It contains 2 naturally occurring compounds, one of which is humic mineral, giving it the black color.

Fulvic/Humic Powder

Contact A1 Organics for discount wholesale pricing. We have food grade Fulvic Powder as well as Humic Powder.
USDA Certified Organic

Pet Flora

Contact A1 Organics for discount pricing of pre/probiotic for dogs/cats.

Mineral Soil Conditioner 0-0-0

Organic Certification – Humate OMRI Generic Materials List
70% Granular Humate Soil Conditioner 0-0-0

Fulvika Black™ Black Fulvic Concentrate

Contact A1 Organics for discount wholesale pricing. Our fulvic/humic proprietary formula generates highly alkaline and mineralized water or beverage that refreshes your body

Water Smacker

$25 coupon through A1. It makes ionized, negatively, charged drinking water. ” Micro Clustered “. Go to http://watersmacker.com/ to place your order. Use promo code: a1organics to receive the $25 off.

Premium Grass Seed Blends

Premium Grass Seed Blends
4-4-2 Sun/Shade
Kentucky Blue
50/50 Sports Blend
More options as well, prices vary depending on variety & quantity.

Mineral Animal Feed Supplement

Our humates are also found in products for human & pet health. Great for plant based trace minerals, detox !! & immune strength.