A-1 Organics will enhance your life with humates. Our products allow you to maintain your property & protect your health.  Many of our products come from Humates, containing plant based trace minerals & much more.

  • Atalyze enzymes
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase endurance
  • Produce energy (ATP)
  • Balance cell life
  • Structure hormones
  • Control inflammation
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Repair, regenerate, and restore cells (including skin and nails)
  • Mineralize the body
  • Oxygenate the blood
  • Acquire electrolytes and other vital elements
  • Regulate and supercharge the immune system
  • Improve brain function (including memory)
  • Revitalize libido (desire and function)
  • Cleanse, neutralize, and remove toxins
  • Chelate toxic or inorganic metals and chemicals, as well as essential major and trace elements
  • Assimilate macro- and micro-elements
  • Protect against unnatural oxidation
  • Regulate the thyroid and thymus glands
  • Maintain optimum alkalinity (pH) levels and defend against cancer, diabetes, and other diseases
  • Break down complex nutrients, elements, and other substances for easier absorption or elimination


Product Categories
  • Product Categories
  • Agricultural Crops
  • Soil Amendments for Landscapes & Lawns
  • Trace Minerals for Humans
  • Trace Minerals for Livestock Feed

Mineral Soil Conditioner 0-0-0

Organic Certification – Humate OMRI Generic Materials List
70% Granular Humate Soil Conditioner 0-0-0

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Water Smacker

$25 coupon through A1. It makes ionized, negatively, charged drinking water. ” Micro Clustered “. Go to http://watersmacker.com/ to place your order. Use promo code: a1organics to receive the $25 off.

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Premium Grass Seed Blends

Premium Grass Seed Blends
4-4-2 Sun/Shade
Kentucky Blue
50/50 Sports Blend
More options as well, prices vary depending on variety & quantity.

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OMRI Organic Trace Minerals for Animals

Our humates are also found in products for human & pet health. Great for plant based trace minerals, detox !! & immune strength.

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