premium grass seed

Premium Grass Seed Blends

4-4-2 Sun Shade Blend

Our most popular blend, which consists of:

  • Ryegrass
  • Fescue
  • Kentucky Blue

Perennial Rye Grass

Its exceptional winter color and density make this the ideal variety for active turf in the more northern latitude and higher elevations. It’s an aggressive, dense-growing variety that crowds out weeds and poa, even at low cutting heights. It establishes quickly in the spring; thrives in the summer with one of the highest NTEP ratings for summer performance, and looks great well into the fall. It mows cleanly and is more resistant to leaf spot and dollar spot.

  • Cold weather tolerant
  • Color and leaf texture blend perfectly with bluegrasses
  • Establishes quickly
  • Superior resistance to dollar spot and leaf spot
  • Crowds out weeds
  • Mows cleanly

Creeping Red Fescue

In environments where other turf species fail, this seed is often the prescription for success. Use it in shaded and poorly irrigated areas where fertility and pesticide inputs are either lacking or discouraged. It is a denser, dark green variety that spreads aggressively to crowd out weeds.

Its color and leaf texture are very compatible with bluegrass and ryegrass in mixtures to improve shade tolerance under lower fertility levels.

This seed quickly establishes, a bonus for slopes and other areas threatened by erosion. With only one or two annual mowings, it provides both substantial cover and visual attractiveness to golf course roughs, hillsides, and open turf areas.

  • Tolerates shade
  • Resists disease
  • Crowds out weeds
  • Excellent in mixtures
  • Accepts low to high fertility

Kentucky Bluegrass

Popular with sod growers for its quick germination, extra-strong root system and rich color.

  • Ideal for athletic fields
    • Due to its disease resistance and ability to withstand abuse.
  • Great for home lawns
    • Doesn’t need pampering; it grows slowly and requires less fertilization than other bluegrass varieties.
  • Excellent for golf courses
    • Because of its tolerance to low cuttings, resistance to Poa annua invasion, and maintenance of a dense, uniform turf.

100% Fescue

We install low maintenance 100% Fescue Lawns.

  • Slow growing only reaching 6 inches high.
  • Minimal watering
  • Shade tolerant
  • Drought resistant
  • Minimal mowing requirements

Custom Blending Available

Contact us by email or phone to order your custom blend.