Clean Energy/ Energy Independence

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  • Approximately 30% cost covered with participating energy companies
  • Up to 30% Federal tax credit
  • 28%-35% Cost recovered over contract
  • Lock into current rates for 20 years

Our Services

Our Services Include:
Photovoltaic solar, Solar hot air systems south wall mount min. 32% of your heat, insulation new/existing all new system works on reflectivity 97% more efficient than fiberglass, window insulation upgrade system, A/C unit 5 ton using less energy than a 2 ton removing 13 cars worth of emissions per year, waterheater insulation package.


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Solar produces more voltage in a cool climate than a warm climate

To find out your energy demand simply add your 12 electric bills from the past year and divide by 12. That is your average
monthly demand of energy for your project.

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