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All My Love And Gratitude

I wish to thank you for the bottom of my heart. It arrived in time to – I believe – to help save the life of my cat – Tissie. She is 19 years old and was dying of kidney failure. She started lapping up the water and also taking the monatomicminerals from Ambaya. She is now walking around and active again. I also have felt the difference. The water coming from the taps measures 9,000,000 on the bovis biometer!!! The first few days I loved drinking and washing my face. My skin is softer. But the ultimate experience was a bath!!! It was like swimming in liquid love! The water sang. I am sure you know I am not exaggerating. I felt like I was communicating with the water. It was an incredible experience and I was reluctant to let the water out the drain because I was going to miss it! My husband got in and said the water was so soft he couldn’t feel it! I have started telling all my friends and clients and anyone who will listen. I have just noticed they are no longer on the Ambaya website. Do you suggest another way to order? Again – I thank you so much for this technology. If everyone hadone the earth would be a very different place. All my love and gratitude.


Drop You a Note

Just wanted to drop you a note and bring you up to date on plant growth here. The tomatoes are the big story. The main stalk on all the tomato plants are four to five times larger in diameter. Really weird to view as they seem to have morphed into tomato plants on steroids. All the fruit on these plants is still green, but it has been exceptionally cool, at night, all summer long. The hot tub water is wild .Feels like rain water; all the time (just like the shower and bath). This has to be due to filling with structured water, having the garden unit on the hot tub and using only one teaspoon of chlorine every two weeks. The chlorine is probably just a mental thing at this point. As from the start, the only water we’ll drink is from the structuring unit; all other water WILL NOT DO !!! Can’t stand the taste of all bottled water and chlorinated tap water smells and tastes like swimming pool water. Don’t have a pool, but if I did, would have a commercial unit and do away wit the chemicals. The dishes are squeaky spotless, the shower doors are clear and all calcium deposits are…..NON-EXISTANT !!!! Also, no water spots on the cars and trucks when washed. I will write again with more updates as I glean them. Thanks For The Understanding,


WOW What A Difference

Sorry this took so long to get to you. I mentioned my garden when we spoke last. Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference. I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The structured water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants! AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Sally Reed, Boyceville,WI

We Are Surprised

One of our customers called and relayed the following experience.
He went to visit one of his friends who happened to be a Professional Wine Taster (able to distinguish the age of a wine, etc). He brought a Natural Action Technologies Portable unit with him and decided to show it to his friend. They took 2 oz of young wine and poured I tthrough the Portable unit 12 times and then poured it back into the win ebottle. Then they poured out a glass of wine and his friend, the wine taster, tasted it. Much to his surprise he said it had the taste of a wine aged 10 years or more!


Many, Many Thanks

The units came today, and I got them hooked up in record time. I ran a pitcher of water from our outside faucet which is city water, but it’s bypassed our water softener. I did notice the chlorine smell in the water, but I really couldn’t taste it which was bizarre. I had my daughter try it and she could smell it but couldn’t taste it either. I can’t wait t otake a shower. I will keep in touch and let you know how it all goes. I’ve been talking to everyone I know about these.
Many, Many Thanks,


Noticeable Improvement

Since installing the Home Natural Action Technologiesdevice in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas. First is the very refreshing smoother taste. Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly. Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When Iwent up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean,just like new. Further, after a Garden Natural Action Technologies unit was installed in my lawn sprinkler system, the grass is greener and requires less fertilizer.

Bill C

My Skin Feels Soft And Lubricated

Hi Clayton:
Our new ‘Natural Action Technologies device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing. I use less shampoo. Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. The new water has rejuvenated our plants. My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. We love the new ‘Natural Action Water device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.

Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT

Structured Water Does Wonder

Recently I have started having brown pigmented areas on my face. These look like scabs but they are not scabs. It is brown pigment under the skin. When I started drinking the structured water they seemed to float to the surface of my skin and peel off and the skin underneath is perfect with no residual sign of blemish. This leads me to wonder what it is doing inside my body?

Mary Davis

Absolutely Brilliant Designs!

I took my bio-photonic Garden Unit with me to India (2011) and used it for 5 weeks in Mumbai (“Bombay”), Delhi and Punjab. I can’t believe I risked using it in Mumbai, but I did, filtering and drinking tap water in a very ordinary street-side hotel: didn’t get sick at all! ~ AG (Update: My sister and I used a Portable Water Unit on our trip to India in 2012. Sameresults: Didn’t get sick.) In case thi sreaches Clayton: Many thanks for your absolutely brilliant designs! It is such a relief to have “real” water, anywhere, and to actually feel the difference.
Best wishes,

AG, Phoenix, AZ

Very Amazing!

I used the Natural Action Water on my wheat grass . When I purchased the Natural Action Water DE Portable I told myself that I would have to see or experience clear and concrete benefits, so I did a test and used regular tap for one tray and Natural Action Water for the other . Right from the beginning there was a marked difference, and it’s very clear in the finished trays. My 2 grown sons were entirely doubtful. But when they saw the wheat grass trays they wanted to use it at every opportunity! One glance at the trays tells the difference, you do not have to hem and haw and try to figure it out etc. Very amazing!


Slepted Great

I did the 45 breath structured breathing process in the evening... I slept better that night than I had in years.

J.H., Arizona

I felt grounded by drinking structured water.

After using the structured breathing I had an instant feeling of calmness. My body felt relaxed and my mind was at ease. my breathing was deeper and less restrictive. As I walked for the first time after using the structured breathing, my body was heavy and grounded. Overall, I felt like a different person. I really enjoyed the therapy.

Dr. G, Arizona

Helped to Clear Up Pneumonia

I had a patient with pneumonia breathe through a structured unit along with Himalayan Sea Salt under the cleared out in 2 days!

Doc Russ, Arkansas

Swear it Has Boosted Garden

Observations so far about the water unit are positive. I'd swear there is an obvious boost in the garden. Some things I had been struggling with have new starts on the tops or finally became hearty. I bathe in it. Every soak. My skin is less dry and unhappy for one. I do feel a lightening and energy from my bath I did not have before. One of my aquaponics ponds wasn't cycling well. I did a 75% water change and nothing else. No filtration adjustments. Just structured water. Solved the problem over night. The water is again clear and testing happy. The dogs and goats and horses are all getting it. I can now keep all three large goats together again. Their absurd aggression has stopped. Typical goat fussin still occurs, but is healthy and necessary. Milk is great. The fresh goat had her babies bought and she is producing almost nine quarts a day. She is staying well hydrated and I feel she looks brighter and feels better under the burden of such production with structured water. So far, worth every penny. I'm also so rushed and slammed ass busy, its notable that there is a recognizable difference to someone this dragged down and autopilotted. There is also a notable difference in my level of burned out-ness. Nothing but the water has changed and I'm doing a little better with my workload and health.


Organic Products

Working 6-7 days-a-week, I don't have time for yard maintenance, but wanted the lawn to look nicer than it had been looking. Every year, it looked a little worse. I had had two lawn care services within a two-year span with little noticeable improvement. Also, one of the services applied so much pesticide to an older, tall evergreen, that one entire side turned brown, along with the grass underneath the overhanging limbs. The tree never recovered and had to be removed. Another unknown was why I was catching one cold after another for an entire Winter season. It was that Spring I decided to locate a lawn service who would apply only organic products around my home. Not only has the lawn improved, I only had one mild cold this past Winter.

Thank you A-1 Sprinklers for improving both my lawn's and my own health!

Andrew - Michigan
Healthy Grass in Farmington Hills

I appreciate your company. My grass was healthier this year!!

Lynn- Farmington Hills, MI

Organic Fertilizer & Seed

I just wanted to email you to tell you that my lawn looks fabulous. With one treatment of your organic fertilizer and seed the lawn is thick and green and I don't even notice the weeds. I am sure happy with your product so far and I feel good about letting my dog walk on it! My lawn has never looked so good. Thanks !

Sheryl- Rochester MI

Lawn is Improving

We had a party with many people and the back yard was damaged. We tried standard chemical programs 2004 - 08 that did not restore lawn, A-1 products 09 - 2010, two seasons & lawn is improving. We are staying on the A-1 Organic Lawns products / program.

Dennis- Shelby Twp, MI

Great Looking Lawn

The best the lawn has looked, & that was all season long!!!!!!.

Jim-Frisbie, MI

Lawn Program User in Southfield

What a lovely program please sign me up again !!!!!.

Jan-Southfield, MI

D.E. Worked for Ants

The D. E. worked the best of all we have tried with the ant problem. the poison free is so nice not to smell !!!!!!

Rachel- Birmingham, MI

Lawn Program Working

Thanks for the tree work, & the lawn program.

Sue-Waterford, MI

Beautiful Lawn in Waterford

The lawn was beautiful last year. There were very few unwanted plants. I was very happy about the safeness of this product and there were no offensive odors. I plan to continue the program for future seasons.

Carl-Waterford, MI

Flowers Are Benefitting

The lawn is great,the soil in the gardens and the flowers are wonderful! I couldn't believe the wisteria, sun flowers, hydrangeas.

Kathie-Warren, MI

New Grass Growth

I’m Happy with the service. Grass is growing in areas where I couldn’t get it to grow before. I was happy to see this service listed on safe products list.

Christy- Royal Oak, MI

Satisfied Lawn Service User

I have been using this service for over 3 years. I'm Glad there are no herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides offered. I have seen improvement in the lawn.

Art - West Bloomfield, MI

Dogs Are Healthy

I started the lawn with minerals and natural fertilizer 9 years ago on the advice of Jeff. I wanted the dogs to be able to run in the yard without poison. My yard has been beautiful for 9 years. With overseeding and the products my lawn is lush, weed freeand more importantly my dogs remain healthy, happy, and cancer free.

Barb- West Bloomfield, MI

Soil Conditioner Gives Results

I'm very pleased with the results of Soil Science.

Don - Seneca, NY

Lake/Bacterial Augmentation

Since Jeff Copeland has been helping us the water is clearer, we had less algae than others in Clarkston, ducks have returned, we have a couple cute muskrats swimming, more cranes appeared and new fish. We use to have mucky gross water with nothing but catfish in it. There are also more frogs and turtles around the neighborhood. The ecosystem is coming to life.

Natalee Hessell
Harp Lake Clarkston, MI

Wanted a Natural Lawn

I was enormously pleased with the service and looking forward to another natural season.

Linda-Sterling Heights, MI

Royal Oak Lawn User

I'm Happy with the service.Grass is growing in areas whereI couldn't get it to grow before. I was happy to see this service listed on safe products list.

Christy- Royal Oak, MI

Sylvan Lake Customer

I've been using service for one season and have noticed improvement in the lawn and I'm happy this product is lake safe.

Julie - Sylvan Lake, MI

Repeat Customer

We purchased your retail products in 2006 and we are happy with the results. We plan to use your application services this year. A-1 Organic Lawn system works!

Bill & Leah - Rochester Hills, MI

Liquid and Granular Natural Fertilizer

A few of the beautiful White Pines in my front yard were showing signs of dying. The needles were turning yellow. I asked A-1 if anything could be done. They come out and used a liquid organic fertilizer and now the trees are looking wonderfully green with lots of new growth. I also use the natural organic fertilizer granuals for my garden. It's a comfort to know that I can eat my tomatoes knowing they are free of toxins.

Thank you A-1,

Kathy - Michigan

A-1 Organic Natural Fertilizer

I am very happy with how my lawn is looking this year since hiring you. A noticeable difference from other fertilizers! You had told me it wouldn't look better right away- but I disagree.

Thank you!

Full Service Lawn Care

The new yard is coming in and we think it looks great.

Carol - Waterford, MI

Lawn Care Service

Thanks to A1-Sprinklers and an organic lawn, I had the best-looking lawn that I’ve had in 20 years. However, last year, I yielded to the temptation to have weed killer applied as I thought there were also too many weeds. It was a rather dry year, as well, so all I succeeded in doing was turning the yard brown and creating several bare spots. Shockingly, this year, the weeds took a stronger hold, taking the place of all the grass that was killed. I’ll never do that again! It may have backtracked a bit but, now that I’ve learned my lesson, I know that I can, again, have the kind of lawn I had before - and even better! Don’t repeat my mistake! Thanks again, for taking care of everything!

With appreciation,

Fr. Andrew
Fenton, MI

Will Use Soil Conditioner Every Year

I tilled some Soil Conditioner into my garden plot this past season. The soil in my area is hard clay and I noticed that the Soil Conditioner broke up the clay and made it easier to plant my young tomato plants. I topically fertilized my tomato plants with Soil Conditioner several times throughout the growing season. My tomatoes were larger and meatier, as well as, very tasty compared to past years. I will definitely use Soil Conditioner again this coming planting season.

Francis - Michigan

Overjoyed to Use Soil Conditioner Since Safe for Dogs

When I was told about natural lawn feeding, I was overjoyed. I have dogs and did not want them exposed to chemical fertilizers, or weed killer. My lawn has been on a natural fertilizer feeding program with Soil Science for four years. I have a healthy, lush, green lawn that everybody gives me comments about as being a nice lawn. If grass can grow in sandy soil like mine using A-1 Organic Lawns Soil Science, that has no poisons, then anybody who has a rich soil will be amazed at how it will help their lawn grow.

Diane – Michigan

Lawn Rebirth

Our lawn looks so much better after just the one application of minerals and seeds. Critter damage is gone and we have grass growing in our backyard where we could never grow grass before! 🙂

Thank you,