Observations so far about the water unit are positive. I’d swear there is an obvious boost in the garden. Some things I had been struggling with have new starts on the tops or finally became hearty. I bathe in it. Every soak. My skin is less dry and unhappy for one. I do feel a lightening and energy from my bath I did not have before. One of my aquaponics ponds wasn’t cycling well. I did a 75% water change and nothing else. No filtration adjustments. Just structured water. Solved the problem over night. The water is again clear and testing happy. The dogs and goats and horses are all getting it. I can now keep all three large goats together again. Their absurd aggression has stopped. Typical goat fussin still occurs, but is healthy and necessary. Milk is great. The fresh goat had her babies bought and she is producing almost nine quarts a day. She is staying well hydrated and I feel she looks brighter and feels better under the burden of such production with structured water. So far, worth every penny. I’m also so rushed and slammed ass busy, its notable that there is a recognizable difference to someone this dragged down and autopilotted. There is also a notable difference in my level of burned out-ness. Nothing but the water has changed and I’m doing a little better with my workload and health.