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Detoxing the Home from the Ground Up


Michigan Health Living (michiganhealthyliving.com)
April, 2021

Use Humates for Rich Soil, Hardy Plants and a Healthy Body

A healthy home starts with the ground underneath it, and healthy ground starts with humates. Also called humic acid, humates add trace minerals to and remove toxins from soil. They can even supplement drinking water, leading to immunity-boosting and other health benefits.  Jeff Copeland, owner of A1 Organics LLC, has been working with humates for over 20 years. Copeland says that humic acid is a large molecule. “Because of its size, it’s able to chelate, or bind to, toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and environmental chemicals. In essence, humic acid is a detoxifying molecule.”

This toxin-binder contains more than 70 trace minerals that in prehistoric times were a living part of plants. The blend of both major and minor trace minerals yields results superior to other mineral supplements, according to Copeland. The minerals are in what is called a colloidal state. This allows these minerals to be more bioavailable than any other form of mineral and thus more beneficial to the animals, plants and soil microorganisms that feed on them. Soil that is nutrient depleted, whether because of lack of plant diversity or overuse of chemical products, can be renewed through humates, with better pH and water retention. The combination of humic acid, carbon and organic matter in garden
plots and lawns is a healthy, eco-friendly one.

Plants can germinate better and ‘uptake’ trace minerals quickly when humates are in their soil. Humic acid helps soil and plants hold water and nutrients better, meaning better yields with less use of resources such as water. Copeland explains, “Plants grown where humates are used have stronger, deeper root growth (for food storage) and healthier leaves and stems (to make food). These nutrients also help plants carry out normal metabolic processes. Over time, that means the plants have healthier immune systems to fight pests and disease and adapt to changing climate conditions. Liquid humic acid can be applied to plant and root drenching and deep root feedings and can be safely mixed with most fertilizers. No binders or fillers are added.”

Humates even have a place inside the home because humic acid can be added directly to drinking water and other beverages for human and pet consumption. Two new related products, which can be found on the A1 Organics website, are a fulvic/humic proprietary concentrate and a sports water drink. “Humates are great for getting plant-based trace minerals, detoxing the body and helping to build immune strength,” Copeland says.