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Distributor of Trace Minerals


What Our Mineral Feed Supplement Is


Our natural colloidal minerals have been composted over thousands of years.

  • Contains 27% Carbon,
  • Approximately 70 minerals
  • +5O % Organic matter.

A-1 Organic Mineral Feed Supplement is an all-natural mineral source.  It contains minerals that were at one time a living part of life; therefore the minerals are in what is called a colloidal state.  This allows these minerals to be more bio-avaiable than any other form of mineral, thus more beneficial to the animals and plants that feed on them.  The approximately seventy elements, including seven major and sixty three trace minerals yeilds results that no other mineral supplement can.  Combine all those minerals with the presence of Humic Acids, Carbon, and Organic Matter, and you have natures best.


What Our Mineral Feed Supplement Is NOT

  • No binders or fillers added.

How to Feed

Dairy Cattle
6oz per head per day
Beef Cattle
4oz per head per day
All Other Animals
50# per ton of feed

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Your Land Benefits Too!
 Nutrient availability to plants in manure fields shows large increases, while run off issues decrease.
50lb Bags

Gauranteed Analysis

Crude Protein #.3% min

Calcium .46% min

Calcium .71% max

Phosphorus .16% min

Potassium .17% min

Iron 17,597 ppm min

Magnesium .11% min

Copper 14ppm min

Manganese 12ppm min

Zinc 29 ppm min

Sodium .12% min

Sulfur 1.03% min

Carbon 27% min

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