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Lake/Bacterial Augmentation Harp Lake Clarkston, MI

Since Jeff Copeland has been helping us the water is clearer, we had less algae than others in Clarkston, ducks have returned, we have a couple cute muskrats swimming, more cranes appeared and new fish.  We use to have mucky gross water with nothing but catfish in it.  There are also more frogs and turtles around the neighborhood.  The ecosystem is coming to life.

Natalee Hessell


Lawn Rebirth

Our lawn looks so much better after just the one application of minerals and seeds. Critter damage is gone and we have grass growing in our backyard where we could never grow grass before! :)

Thank you,


Organic Products


Working 6-7 days-a-week, I don't have time for yard maintenance, but wanted the lawn to look nicer than it had been looking. Every year, it looked a little worse. I had had two lawn care services within a two-year span with little noticeable improvement. Also, one of the services applied so much pesticide to an older, tall evergreen, that one entire side turned brown, along with the grass underneath the overhanging limbs. The tree never recovered and had to be removed. Another unknown was why I was catching one cold after another for an entire Winter season. It was that Spring I decided to locate a lawn service who would apply only organic products around my home. Not only has the lawn improved, I only had one mild cold this past Winter.

Thank you A-1 Sprinklers for improving both my lawn's and my own health!

Andrew - Michigan

Soil Conditioner


My turf was on a chemical program for several years. I was having issues with water run-off due to my soil being clay based and my lawn had a lot of thatch. Every year I was paying for aeration and thatching, not to mention a high water bill for watering my 100 foot x 200 foot lawn. I switched to Soil Science three years ago. I apply it four times per year and have seen a tremendous improvement in my lawn. I do not have a water run-off problem due to the fact that Soil Science has helped to break up my clay soil so it holds more water. I no longer need to aerate or thatch my lawn each year and my water bill has decreased. I also noticed that in mid summer while other lawns are burning out, even with watering, my lawn is greener and much healthier.

Jill Ė Michigan


Soil Conditioner


When I was told about natural lawn feeding, I was overjoyed. I have dogs and did not want them exposed to chemical fertilizers, or weed killer. My lawn has been on a natural fertilizer feeding program with Soil Science for four years. I have a healthy, lush, green lawn that everybody gives me comments about as being a nice lawn. If grass can grow in sandy soil like mine using A-1 Organic Lawns Soil Science, that has no poisons, then anybody who has a rich soil will be amazed at how it will help their lawn grow.

Diane Ė Michigan


Soil Conditioner


I tilled some Soil Conditioner into my garden plot this past season. The soil in my area is hard clay and I noticed that the Soil Conditioner broke up the clay and made it easier to plant my young tomato plants. I topically fertilized my tomato plants with Soil Conditioner several times throughout the growing season. My tomatoes were larger and meatier, as well as, very tasty compared to past years. I will definitely use Soil Conditioner again this coming planting season.

Francis - Michigan


Liquid and Granular Natural Fertilizer


A few of the beautiful White Pines in my front yard were showing signs of dying. The needles were turning yellow. I asked A-1 if anything could be done. They come out and used a liquid organic fertilizer and now the trees are looking wonderfully green with lots of new growth. I also use the natural organic fertilizer granuals for my garden. It's a comfort to know that I can eat my tomatoes knowing they are free of toxins.

Thank you A-1,

Kathy - Michigan


Lawn Care Service


Thanks to A1-Sprinklers and an organic lawn, I had the best-looking lawn that Iíve had in 20 years. However, last year, I yielded to the temptation to have weed killer applied as I thought there were also too many weeds. It was a rather dry year, as well, so all I succeeded in doing was turning the yard brown and creating several bare spots. Shockingly, this year, the weeds took a stronger hold, taking the place of all the grass that was killed. Iíll never do that again! It may have backtracked a bit but, now that Iíve learned my lesson, I know that I can, again, have the kind of lawn I had before - and even better! Donít repeat my mistake! Thanks again, for taking care of everything!

With appreciation,

Fr. Andrew
Fenton, MI

Full Service Lawn Care


The new yard is coming in and we think it looks great.

Carol - Waterford, MI

A-1 Organic Natural Fertilizer


I am very happy with how my lawn is looking this year since hiring you. A noticeable difference from other fertilizers! You had told me it wouldn't look better right away- but I disagree.

Thank you!

Repeat Customer


We purchased your retail products in 2006 and we are happy with the results. We plan to use your application services this year.  A-1 Organic Lawn system works!

Bill & Leah - Rochester Hills, MI

Sylvan Lake Customer


I've been using service for one season and have noticed improvement in the lawn and I'm happy this product is lake safe.

Julie - Sylvan Lake, MI

Royal Oak Lawn User


I'm Happy with the service.Grass is growing in areas whereI couldn't get it to grow before. I was happy to see this service listed on safe products list.

Christy- Royal Oak, MI

Wanted a Natural Lawn

I was enormously pleased with the service and looking forward to another natural season.
Linda-Sterling Heights, MI

Healthy Grass in Farmington Hills

I appreciate your company. My grass was healthier this year!!
Lynn- Farmington Hills, MI

Soil Conditioner Gives Results

I'm very pleased with the results of Soil Science.
Don - Seneca, NY

Dogs Are Healthy

I started the lawn with minerals and natural fertilizer 9 years ago on the advice of Jeff. I wanted the dogs to be able to run in the yard without poison.  My yard has been beautiful for 9 years. With overseeding and the products my lawn is lush, weed freeand more importantly my dogs remain healthy, happy, and cancer free.
Barb- West Bloomfield, MI

Satisfied Lawn Service User

I have been using this service for over 3 years.  I'm Glad there are no herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides offered. I have seen improvement in the lawn.


Art - West Bloomfield, MI

New Grass Growth


Iím Happy with the service.  Grass is growing in areas where I couldnít get it to grow before. I was happy to see this service listed on safe products list.


Christy- Royal Oak, MI

Another Natural Season

I was enormously pleased with the service and looking forward to another natural season.
Linda-Sterling Heights, MI

Healthy Grass

I appreciate your company. My grass was healthier this year!!
Lynn- Farmington Hills, MI

Flowers Are Benefitting

The lawn is great,the soil in the gardens and the flowers are wonderful! I couldn't believe the wisteria, sun flowers, hydrangeas.
Kathie-Warren, MI

Beautiful Lawn in Waterford

The lawn was beautiful last year. There were very few unwanted plants. I was very happy about the safeness of this product and there were no offensive odors. I plan to continue the program for future seasons.
Carl-Waterford, MI

Lawn Program Working

Thanks for the tree work, & the lawn program.
Sue-Waterford, MI

D.E. Worked for Ants

The D. E. worked the best of all we have tried with the ant problem. the poison free is so nice not to smell !!!!!!
Rachel- Birmingham, MI

Lawn Program User in Southfield

What a lovely program please sign me up again !!!!!.
Jan-Southfield, MI

Great Looking Lawn

The best the lawn has looked, & that was all season long!!!!!!.
Jim-Frisbie, MI
We had a party with many people and the back yard was damaged.  We tried standard chemical programs 2004 - 08 that did not restore lawn, A-1 products 09 - 2010, two seasons & lawn is improving.  We are staying on the A-1 Organic Lawns products / program.
Dennis- Shelby Twp, MI

Organic Fertilizer & Seed

I just wanted to email you to tell you that my lawn looks fabulous. With one treatment of your organic fertilizer and seed the lawn is thick and green and I don't even notice the weeds. I am sure happy with your product so far and I feel good about letting my dog walk on it! My lawn has never looked so good. Thanks !
Sheryl- Rochester MI

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