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Chemical Free Lawns, Gardens, & Farms



Has your community, city or state enforced stricter regulations regarding the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or algaecides?
Why wait for them to realize the consequences?  Be proactive instead of reactive and switch to a safe organic alternative to care for your green space. Get off the poison chemicals that leave a caution sign in yards after they come and switch to a natural plant based, chemical free lawn program. Try a WELCOME SIGN this year and enjoy your yard knowing it won't harm your children/pets. You will also be contributing to the healing of our environment instead of continuing to pollute it. Always looking out for our environment here at A-1 Organic Lawns.

A-1 Products Do NOT Contribute to Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are worth learning about.  The good news is that A-1 Organic Lawns only uses safe, organic products.  Our services do not add to the HAB problem.

To learn more about HABs we suggest you visit the Toxic Algae News and National Wildlife Federation sites to get started.  The Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also a good spot.

Applicators of Natural Fertilzers in SE Michigan

This site is dedicated to helping homeowners, landscape contractors, organic farmers, organic gardeners, and municipalities achieve beautiful results with their turf grass, gardens, houseplants, and landscapes without the use of synthetic-chemical-based fertilizers.
Our site’s goal is to offer education and products that help provide environmentally conscious individuals and the companies who serve these individuals with alternatives to synthetic “weed & feed” fertilizer products. Our alternative, organic lawn fertilizers are environmentally friendly to turf, gardens, watersheds, wildlife, pets, and people.

For Better Health


Minerals cannot be absorbed to any real advantage in anything but food.  However, a living colloidal system with all its vitamins, minerals, and enzymes is harmoniously balanced with the sun's energy intact. This provides immunity with "living" medicines and inoculations.  With the exception of a few minerals, most are only needed in very small quantities, and absorption of one may be directly dependent upon the presence of another.  Each mineral plays an important role in balanced nutrition in nature’s way.


For the Health of Your Pets & Humans

One of the simplest things you can do to detoxify your lawn, have a beautiful yard, garden, or turf, as well as protect your pets and family is to stop using synthetic-chemical fertilizers that contain fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. While these types of fertilizers can be effective in the short term for achieving the results we all desire for our lawns and gardens, they have been shown to have negative side effects on the environment, on people, and on pets – especially those with sensitivities to synthetic chemicals.

Concerned About the Environment?

There are also documented cases of pollution to vulnerable watersheds negatively effecting biodiversity.   One negative consequence has been the over nutrient water causing algae to crowd out beneficial plants, depleting oxygen, and causing the body of water to become eutrophic. 
Another negative consequence of synthetic-chemical fertilizers is that they are linked to a number of human/pet health issues (even before they’re put on the soil.) These health issues include birth defects, cancer, mutations, fertility problems, diseases of the immunilogical, neurological, and endocrine systems.
What can you do if you want a good-looking yard, yet are also concerned about the environment, your home, and the health of all who live there?
For starters, switch from synthetic-chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers such as those carried by A-1 ORGANIC LAWNS. Our organic fertilizers and soil conditioners:
  • Contain no fungicides, herbicides, or insecticides.  
  • They are organic in composition and use ingredients from Mother Earth, not synthetic chemicals born in a reactor.
  • Most are plant or rock derived and contain important trace minerals (micronutrients), which all bacteria, plants, animals, and even humans need to remain healthy.
  • Some of our ingredients are actually the composted and compacted remains of ancient plants that decayed 75-million years ago.
  • The ingredients in our organic fertilizer products are time released and help rejuvenate the soil by feeding microorganisms and plants. They work in a similar but far gentler and more organic manner than synthetic fertilizer products, which contribute to erosion, contamination of lakes and rivers, reducing soil health and fertility, and can chemically burn plants.
Organic fertilizers can really make a difference in your yard, garden, or turf, producing healthy, vigorous plants. If other cultural conditions (e.g. light, moisture level, soil type and pH, temperature range, etc.) are properly met, these plants will be more lush and disease resistant, and thus less prone to attack by weeds, insects, fungus, bacteria, or viruses than plants that are not properly nourished and whose cultural conditions are not properly met.
Most importantly, if you use organic fertilizers, you will help protect the environment while making your yard safer for you and your family and pets.
A-1 Organic Lawns is your one stop shop for organic lawn products, natural mineral based animal feed suppliments and solar energy.

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Our Mission
At A-1 ORGANIC LAWNS LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a safe and organic alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers –  without the use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.  
We believe in protecting and preserving your family and home environment with natural lawn fertilizers that use the power of nature to beautify your property.
We will only offer our customers products that are environmentally safe, and free of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals found in most commercial fertilizers. 
We believe that by providing poison free, organic fertilizer products and the know-how to use them.  We can help you protect the most important people in your life – your family; because there is nothing more important than you, your family, the place you call home and the environment you live in.
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